Submit your own selfies.

Submit Your Selfie

We need your selfies!

Ever wanted to be someone’s “invisible” girlfriend or boyfriend? Now’s your chance! We’re looking for real pictures of real women and men (18 and over, and of all ethnicities) that we can use for our new web-based service.

We’re a company called Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend, and we help people avoid the societal stigma of being single by giving them credible, social proof they’re in a relationship (even when they’re not). We’ve been featured on Buzzfeed, and even the Queen Latifah Show.

Here’s why we need your photos: when our users create their Invisible Girlfriend or Boyfriend, we’d like them to be able to select her picture from a collection of images of real people — not just perfect models or posed photos from a stock photography service.

Selfie FAQ:

Here are answers to the questions we keep getting:

Q: How do I submit a selfie?

Just take a self portrait, and don't forget to smile. No nudity please.

Please send your selfies using the form below.

Q: Does the photo have to be of me?

A: Yes, you must be the person in the photo and must have the rights to use it.

Q: Will anybody know it is me?

A: Your secret is safe with us (unless you tell all your friends). We will never share your identity (apart from your picture) with anyone else. Ever. We even use your zipcode to make sure your photo is not available to our users within your area.